Jul 18

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Which platters do you like better?

Here are four Ambrosia Maple platters.  They are 16 inches in diameter the overall height is less than 1 inch.  They are made from one wide piece of wood, no glue ups here.  The top picture shows two platters made without center inserts and the bottom picture shows two platters made with center inserts made from 3/16 inch thick green marble which is 6 inches in diameter.  All four platters were made from the same long board.

The discoloration that you see on these platters was actually caused by the Ambrosia beetle and not a dye job by me.  They cause some really neat colors don’t they?  Which way do you like best?  With marble centers or without?

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  1. rach :)

    I prefer the ones without the marble center– the grain pattern is so interesting I don't want to lose any of it. Beautiful!

  2. Kim Dailey

    Thank you Rach. Isn't it amazing what mother nature can do? She's very artistic.

  3. Metalchip123

    I agree with rach 🙂

  4. Kim Dailey

    Thank you @metalchip123. Everyone so far has voted for the ones without the marble center (facebook, twitter and here).

    I like your work as well. That birch burl bowl has a whole lot of beautiful flame in it.

  5. Daniel J

    Really nice! And I like the top left one the best.. 🙂

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