Mar 19

Helping Jorge

Jorge's shop after the roof colapsedOne of our woodturning friends, Jorge Castaneda, needs our help.

Jorge’s shop roof collapsed due to all the snow that we have received along the Maine coastline this winter. Luckily his equipment survived but he is still left without a viable building to produce his work. Jorge is primarily a bowlturner and sells his pieces at different shows and markets throughout Maine. Doug Thompson from Thompson Lathe Tools has made an unbelievable offer to help Jorge.

This is best said in Doug’s own words:

It’s time to pull together to help one of our own.
I give and give and give but rarely ask for help but I’m asking now. A good friend of mine Jorge Castaneda recently lost his shop when snow collapsed the roof. He turns for a living and can’t afford to rebuild the shop that he needs so badly. I saw a post on FB that hurt me bad and I’m going to do something about… here’s what’s going to happen.
From this Friday night at midnight March 20th to Sunday night at midnight March 22 the benefit will happen.
Purchase tools off my web Thompson Lathe Tools THEN Post your name and the total amount including shipping purchased on a separate thread to be created Friday night for Jorge here… 100% of the money will be donated to Jorge.
I absorb the manufacturing costs, shipping because your shipping cost will go to Jorge, the taxes on that money… everything. I always tell people not to buy a lot of tools but this weekend you need a extra tool or two or three. If you purchase a handle it will have your name plus a extra “JC Benefit” so you can remember that you helped.
I don’t do this for a living and I’m big on helping others, the homeless, food banks, kids with cancer and their families. Pay it ahead are the best words we can live by… Give because it makes you feel good to help out another person. It’s time to help… if we do $1,000 I’m going to feel like a fool for wasting my time, $5,000 I’ll have a smile but the goal is $10,000 REMEMBER 100% of the purchase will go directly to Jorge. I’m not playing the game to give a percentage off so I can make money and he gets a little bit… It’s 100%… all the money… remember that when you buy. Doug

Here’s Jorge’s story if you don’t know him;

I am Jorge Castañeda, a builder and woodworker in general, located in rural Maine. I love trees and wood and have been a pro wood worker for the last half-century: ships, boats, houses, furniture and of late a bowl turner…
I started JC Turnings in 2006, and from day one people liked my bowls and started buying them.
Then in 2008 a stroke pretty much ended my commercial building days. I started putting all my time into turning, which was immediately rewarding, and all of a sudden, the bowl business took off and now has a life of its own. I sell my bowls and platters at Farmer’s Markets and festivals around Maine and sales are steadily growing, to the point that last year I had trouble keeping pace with the demand.
A shed to store building materials was also my makeshift workshop. Alas, that shed came to a sudden end with the last snowstorm, when the weight of the snow crushed it beyond repair. Somehow it must be replaced, as my income from the bowls I sell supplements my small pension, and I need a proper space to keep turning.
A smaller shop would be ideal, so it is easier to build and easier to heat in the winter. With a winterized shop, I could produce bowls all year-round, and have a small space to use as a storefront.
That’s why I decided to ask you to help me rebuild my shop, and be part of helping my small business grow. I like to do things to help others and my community, and hope to be able to give back to other people’s projects in the future, as I have done in the past. I would be extremely grateful for any aid. Thank you so much. Jorge
There’s the deal. You can get some great tools and help a fellow woodturner at the same time. I will vouch for Doug’s tools because I use them everyday in my woodturning shop.
It’s come to my attention that people are looking for a place to put their name and amount spent, as Doug has requested. Please feel free to put your name and total amount spent at Thompson Tools this weekend as a comment on this post.

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Feb 17

Going Stir Crazy?

Ambrosia Maple platters

Twin 16 Inch Ambrosia Maple platters

Twin 16 Inch Ambrosia Maple platters with marble centers - Dailey Woodworking

Twin 16 Inch Ambrosia Maple platters with marble centers

It just seems like it’s been one of those winters. People in the cities are screaming about how much snow they have gotten and for them it probably is a lot. However for us in the western mountains of Maine the snowfall amount has been about average, so far. At this time of the year I’m usually kicking myself for not pushing the snow banks back further during the first few storms of the winter and this year isn’t any different. What is different about this winter compared to most years is the extreme cold and high winds. By now our temps should be in the mid 20’s and not having a hard time to get above zero and the wind isn’t helping any. The high winds are causing drifting problems and last night with the windchill factor it was supposed to feel like -39F outside. Ouch!

I guess for me the one thing that is affecting everything is that I keep getting bad colds that seem to last forever. Well I caught another bad cold around the 7th or 8th and it is still kicking my butt. I won’t let myself work when every time that I cough I feel like I’m about to pass out. My head feels like it’s got its own AM radio station just playing static all the time. Well I tend to get stir crazy when I can’t work on things. So to pass the time I’ve been looking back at some pictures of my old work and trying to decide what to make again when I do start to feel better.

I ran across these pictures of two sets of Ambrosia Maple platters from 2011. I’ve still got plenty of this Ambrosia Maple stock left so I thought I would make up a platter or two when I get feeling better. These are made from one board and are not a glue-up. Which way do you like them best, with or without the marble center?

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Oct 29

Zeke’s Burl

Zeke's burl bowl side 1 - Dailey Woodworking

Zeke’s Bowl View 1

Recently we had an open house/shop tour and one of our neighbors came over to it. Of course living here in the western foothills of Maine, neighbor is a relative term. They live on the ridge opposite of us, so probably 3/4 of a mile away by road. Anyways Zeke and Joyce came over to see what we do.  Zeke is a logger by trade and chainsaw woodcarver when he has time. Zeke brought a couple of burls that he’s had squirreled away somewhere. They both had some cracking on them but appeared to be dry. So being the adventurous woodturner that I am I took the largest of the two burls and mounted it between centers on my lathe, to start working it and to see if the piece was something that I could actually work safely. Fortunately the cracking stopped about an inch in and the resulting piece is a beautiful bowl. I believe this burl is a Birch burl but am not 100 percent sure on that.  The bowl is 7 1/4 inches in diameter by 2 5/8 inches tall with a 1/4 inch wall thickness throughout the bowl.

Makes me wonder what the second burl will look like when I get some time to turn it.


Zeke's bowl View 2 - Dailey Woodworking

View 2


Zeke's burl bowl View 3 - Dailey Woodworking

View 3


Zeke's burl bowl bottom view - Dailey Woodworking

View of the bottom

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Aug 26

My first salt cellar


7 color laminated salt cellar - Dailey Woodworking

7 color laminated salt cellar

Of course it happened because of a custom order but, after all of these years of making salt and pepper mills, I finally made my first salt cellar (sometimes they are referred to as a salt pig).  This salt cellar was made from the same 7 color laminated Birch blocks that I made their pepper mill from. I rolled 3 beads down near the bottom of the salt cellar. On the top of the handle and the inside of the cover I rolled some very small decorative beads. Overall this is about 2 3/4 inches at the widest part and about 4 inches tall. Please let me know what you think of my first salt cellar.



Another view of the 7 color laminated salt cellar - Dailey Woodworking

Another view of the 7 color laminated salt cellar


View of the beads inside the cover

View of the beads inside the cover



View of the beads on top of the salt cellar

View of the beads on top of the salt cellar

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Aug 18

Ribbon time

Becca's three blue ribbons from Maine Woodcarvers 2014 Show - The Dailey Grind

Becca’s carved golf ball and three blue ribbons from Maine Woodcarvers 2014 Show


This past weekend I demonstrated woodturning at the 2014 Downeast Wood Carving and Wildlife Art Show put on by the Maine Wood Carvers Association. I was making textured and colored spinning tops.

This year for the first time the show was held at the Lewiston Armory in Lewiston, Maine. I would like to thank the Maine Wood Carvers for asking me to demonstrate woodturning during their fine show. If you haven’t been to this show then you owe it to yourself to go and check out the many offerings that they have. It amazes me the amount of talented wood carvers that are in this state and this show is definitely the place to check out their handiwork and art.

As some of you know, Becca has been carving for a few years now. A couple of months ago she was at our wood carving meeting and Steven Hatch (one of her mentors along with his wife Justina) showed her how to carve a golf ball using hand tools and she completed one that night. I asked her some time last week if she was going to enter her golf ball in the carving competition. She said no she didn’t think it was good enough. So to make a long story short I took her golf ball with me and, without her knowing anything about it, entered her carving for her. Well from the picture above you can tell that the judges liked her carved golf ball. She received blue ribbons for 1st place, best of category and best of level for youth. Later in the day, when her mother brought her and her sister, Ryanne, to the show I told Becca what I had done. I got THE look from her until I told her that she had won. For some reason she seemed less upset with me then.

Congratulations Becca.

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Aug 04

Teaberry Arts Council Art Walk August 17th


The Teaberry Arts Council has been hard at work creating the first ever Teaberry Arts Council Art Walk that is taking place in Rumford, Maine on August 17th from 4pm till 9pm.

Artist pallet and brush - Teaberry Arts Council


The Teaberry Arts Council is planning an Art Walk at the Rumford walking trail by the tennis courts in the Hosmer Field Complex in Rumford 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm Sunday, August 17th. There will be artists and artisans, musicians, and performers displaying their skills for the public to see. There will be something for everyone of all ages!
Some of the activities include a special photo booth featuring unique effects made in the dark by Nick Graham and Trish Hodgkins. Scotty Milligan will be displaying the art of the Blacksmith. There will be Yarn Bombing, and other visual art including many of the Totally Artsy Containers that will be placed around the town for silent bidding. The highest silent bid will be the starting bid for the live auction to be held at the Pumpkin Fest October 11th in downtown Rumford.
There will be art activities for the kids, including sidewalk chalk art fusion, fairy houses, magic with David and Dennis, also juggling, balloon sculpture by Scot and face painting with Becki. Have your photo taken with some of the characters from the Library’s production of the Wizard of Oz! Adults will enjoy all of this as well as the kids along with paintings, photo displays, and live acoustic music including Troy Pingree, Lori Grassette, and more! Kris Howes of Ink Maine is doing a special “Oil on Canvas Art Fusion” featuring 6 great local artists. Phoebe Pike will have copies of her book “The Cold World” available for personal signings.
The entire event is free but bring some cash to show appreciation by dropping a few bucks in the hats or guitar cases, and possibly find some art that you would like to purchase. There will be food available by Silver Platter and possibly more. Stay for the Fire Pit Campfire sing along Jam 8:00 – 9:00 (+ -)

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Jul 30

Birch burl bowl


Birch Burl Bowl with natural edge on the side

Birch Burl Bowl with natural edge on the side

I just completed this little Birch Burl bowl. I really like the way that it came out. I’ve been turning most of my bowls lately with a flat rim that slopes in towards the center of the bowl. This one is a little different in that this wooden bowl has a piece missing from the rim and part of the sidewall. Often times with burls they grow in odd shapes and this one was just that way. Two areas on the sidewall had much thicker bark than other areas. One was where the opening is now and the other is where you can see the natural edge on the sidewall.  This bowl is approximately 7 1/4 inches(18.4cm) in diameter by 2 5/8 inches (6.6cm) high. You can see more pictures and information about this bowl here.

When I have a bowl like this at a show the old timers coming through often times tell me that “Your bowl won’t hold much soup” or some variation of that. I get a kick out of them and it often times leads to conversations about days gone by.

Other natural edge side on Birch Burl Bowl

Other natural edge side on Birch Burl Bowl

This beautiful wooden bowl could be used as a popcorn bowl, a bowl to hold spare change, key holder, a small fruit bowl, candy dish, a centerpiece for your table and many other things. Please let me know what you think of this bowl.

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Mar 21

New Product Announcement – French Rolling Pins

I get asked quite a bit if I make rolling pins and up until recently I didn’t. Well that’s not entirely true, I made one years ago for us to use here in our kitchen and my wife loves it. Ours was made from a nice piece of Birdseye Maple and it does a great job. So after many requests I decided to start making French Rolling Pins. Like all of my other products I’ve searched around and found some highly figured wood to use in them. The two that I have for sale right now are made from Curly Maple and Birdseye Maple. You can get more information about the Curly Maple pin here and more information about the Birdseye Maple pin here.  The two rolling pins have different ends on them. Which do you like more the rounded end on the Curly Maple or the flat end on the Birdseye Maple?

End view of a 22 inch Curly Maple French rolling pin - Dailey Woodworking

End view of a 22 inch Curly Maple French rolling pin


22 inch Curly Maple French rolling pin - Dailey Woodworking

22 inch Curly Maple French rolling pin


End view of 22 inch Birdseye Maple French Rolling Pin - Dailey Woodworking

End view of 22 inch Birdseye Maple French rolling pin


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Feb 23

Etsy treasuries2

Here are a four treasuries from Etsy that recently featured some of my pieces. Thank you to each person for selecting pieces from Dailey Woodworking to include in your treasuries.


For your dining pleasure, if you see something that interests you in any of these treasuries just click on the picture and it will take you to that page on Etsy.  

This first treasury actually was selected by Etsy to be on the front page of Etsy for a while today (Sunday 2/23). 

‘C O N T R A S T’ by WallStarGraphics

Bracelets set 2 pieces, Set wooden bracelets, Woman accessories, Black White bracelet, Holiday gift - coolNaturalJewelry
Early Production Charles Eames Herman Miller Shell Arm Chair Second Generation DAX - TheModernHistoric
Print from original watercolor and pen fashion illustration by Jessica Durrant, titled Black on Black - JessicaIllustration
Buffalo Tea Towel in black - nativebear
Paris Photography, Ferris Wheel, Paris Prints, Winter White Decor, Black and White, NR - TheParisPrintShop
I Love Stripes Mini Flat Cards & Minilopes - stationeryboutique
Black & Gold wooden necklace Necklace - rachellovesbob
Solid Maple Dresser - hedgehouse
10 inch Salt Grinder, Black and Natural, Salt Mill, Saltmill, Spice Grinder, Laminated Salt Grinder, Laminated Salt Mill, Black and White - DaileyWoodworking
Geometric Paper Sculptures Set of Two, BLACK GOLD - thevintagevoguestory
Felted bowl - Beige cream black star - Organic eco-friendly - wool nesting bowls - desk organizer - theYarnKitchen
50 felt wool balls (1/2 in. size) neutral mix color: black grey gray white beige camel - feltinga
Vintage Neutral Origami Heels - 6.5 AVANT GARDE Free Shipping to US - Marmelange
Large Paper Mache Bowl  in Black and Copper - etco
SALE Gold and Black Asymmetric Chevron Earrings - SeahagAndWalrus

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

‘Into the Woods’ by lilakids

Inspired by a walk outside today in the cold and wet, I’ve made a forest woods treasury from New England. Hoping for warmer weather soon…..

Boho Woodland Dangle Earrings Rustic Hand Carved Wooden Beads Antiqued Brass Bohemian Jewelry - RoughMagicCreations
Vintage 1959 Vermont License Plate - SneakAPeekTreasures
BEECH WOOD SLICES Tree Cookies 4 - 4 1/2" Diameter by 1/2 - 3/4" Thick, Rustic, Woodland, Forest, or Nature Themed Projects - TheRusticWoodshed
Brown Wood and Gold Beaded Lanyard Badge ID Holder - missvalscreations
Spring Marsh - original framed oil painting - cherylzmillerArt
1776 wood wall plaque - MapleStreetShoppe
Curly Maple Wooden Bowl, Candy Dish, Fruit Bowl, Popcorn Bowl - Free Shipping - DaileyWoodworking
24 Green Metallic Shimmer Evergreen Tree Cupcake Toppers - Food Picks - Party Picks - Christmas Trees - SewPrettyInVermont
Daddy's Workshop-Hanging Rustic Wood Sign - Large-Long - Personalized Gift - Hand Engraved - Unique dad gift - rusticcraftdesign
Spirit Tree Glass Pendant Leather Necklace Spiritual Jewelry Cool Jewelry - BelieveChangeisGood
SALE. Oak Leaf Craft Stamp Carved Rubber Good Stamps Wood Mount. Scrapbooking, Card Making. Destash. Art and Craft Supplies. - kathleendaughan
Hand Woven New England Swing Handle Large Round Basket, Wooden Base - WhiteBirchFiber
Squirrel Brooch, Pin Back Button, Pin: Eco friendly, Upcycled - remainewicked
all occasion card, 3D, whimsical, vintage style, collage, French, fantasy, NECteam - ParisPluie
Pure Beeswax tea light candles set of 6 - LightofdayCreations
ACEO Original Acrylic Painting on Wrapped Canvas, White Birch Trees - MyHumbleJumble

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

‘Purple Etsy Kitchen. ‘ by untamedrose

Kitchen Towel - 50 State Trees & Flowers - Purple - botanical illustrated tea towel - peppersprouts
Food still life Photography -  fig photography rustic kitchen decor fruit photo plum mauve autumn purple wall art   "Second Harvest" - LupenGrainne
Ceramic Serving Bowl Clay Majolica Pottery Kitchen Purple Lotus Flower Medium - ClayLickCreekPottery
Prep Bowls Set of Three Ceramic Raspberry Glazed Kitchen Prep Bowls - Pink Purple Small Bowls Ready to Ship USA - sheilasart
Teacup Cups Purple Mauve Blue Kitchen Vintage Home Bedroom Love Heart Watercolour Painting Illustration Fine Art Print - BeccaLoveheArt
Onion Photo, Food Photography, Kitchen Wall Decor, Food Art, Kitchen Art, Still Life, Fine Art Photograph, Purple, Beige, Rustic Kitchen - LostInTheValleyPhoto
Lavender Nylon Pot Scrubbie, Crochet Cleaning stuffed scrubber buddy Light purple thick scouring pad practical gift for kitchen / bath / car - HookedOnMOeZ
Dinner plate Purple Radiant Orchid Dinner Plate - BattonClayworksEtc
Perfectly Purple Wine Glass - Glassmagyck
Cute Kitsch Retro Apron , Full Kitchen Womens Apron in Eggplant Purple Floral - CreativeChics
Kitchen Decor_Purple Zucchini  Farmers Market_Kitchen Art_ Food Photography - jmandelphoto
Taurus - Bull Zodiac Constellation - Purple Screenprinted Small Kitchen Towel - DaogreerEarthWorks
Lavender Glass Knobs / Dresser Knobs / Drawer Knobs Pulls Handles Purple Crystal Knob Pull Handle / Kitchen Furniture Cabinet Hardware - ARoseRambling
Ready to ship. Stoneware plater, Pottery plate, Ceramic plate, stoneware plate, serving dish, sea greens and purple radiant orchid glaze - LivingEarthCeramics
Coffee sign made from pallets - Cynthiaswoodensigns
Pepper Mill, 8 Inch Purple and Black Haynes, Pepper Grinder, Peppermill, Spice Grinder - DaileyWoodworking

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

‘Fruits…’ by EffElArtistictions


Oil painting grapes , pomegranates,brown green blue black, Still life ,wall decor16x20i .Fruits,free shipping,mothers day gift - OilpaintingsChrista
1960s Woman's 3D Vintage Straw Handcrafted fruit hand bag tote Purse - FearfullyMade139
Miniature Wire Flower Cart - Miniature furniture for doll house - StillVintage
Silver Apple Earrings - Snow White Costume Accessory Jewelry Teacher Gift Fruit Earrings 009 - luckymejewelry
Pretty Peach Necklace or Hair Clip - Felt Friends Food Accessories - Cute Fruit Necklace - Priscilla Peach - Adorabilities
Glittery Strawberry OR Rainbow Hair Clips-Sparkly Set of Two-Silver gators or Bobby pins-Spring Fashion-Fruit, Wizard of Oz Accessories - couturenicole
Pineapple iPhone Case, iPhone 5s Fruit Gifts for Girls Girly Galaxy S4, S3 Case Girly, Gold and White, Samsung Galaxy Pineapple, Accessories - CaseCavern
Orange Tea Charm Brooch, Teapot Jewellery, Orange Fruit Brooch - DreamlikeDesign
Large Hemp Drawstring Produce Sacs Hand Crocheted Set of 6 Reusable shopping bags Eco Friendly Made To Order - TheArtofZenCrochet
Mini Apple Key Ring or Bag Charm / Crochet Apple Ornament / Apple Key Ring or Bag Charm / Miniature Fruit / Miniature Apple - LittleConkers
Grow Your Own Food Women's Poly Cotton T-Shirt by American Apparel (S M L XL) Choose Your Shirt and Ink Colors - Linthound
You Choose Size Custom Strawberry Fruit Applique Onesie or Shirt - ohmelisa
Natural Edge Birdseye Maple Wooden Bowl, Salad Bowl, Fruit Bowl, Maple Bowl, Live Edge Bowl, Bark Edge Bowl, Natural Edge Candy Dish - DaileyWoodworking
Kawaii Fruit Ponytail Holders - Fruit Fabric Covered Button Ponytail Holders - Fruit Hair Ties - Fruit Accessory - MelissaAbram
Hand Crochet Fruit Coasters - TheSlipStitch
set of 4 japanese tea cups featuring orchard fruit trees lemon & apple stoneware look - Onceuponaninterior

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

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Feb 14

There isn’t an app for this?


Concentrating on the job at hand.  - Dailey Woodworking

Concentrating on the job at hand. If you look closely you can see the bowl that she is piercing in her hands.


Today was a half day of school for the local school kids. We have a good snowstorm going on today and it’s supposed to last well into tomorrow. Like a lot of kids these days our youngest daughter likes to play on her iPad. She likes to spend her spare time playing one of the game apps that she has downloaded or chatting on social media with any number of her friends. Becca had done some of that today, after finishing her homework. After we had finished supper, that she had cooked, I told Becca to come on down into the shop and I would let her play.

Carving a butterfly into a bowl.  - Dailey Woodworking

Carving a butterfly into a bowl.



I know she was fully expecting to have to clean something or some area of the shop. But instead I got out my high-speed carving tool. We set it up and I handed her a bowl that I had messed up. I was turning a piece of pine thin so that I could pierce through it and make a special tea light. When I say thin I was turning the walls down to 1/16 inch thick. Well I turned one area to thin and actually started to punch through the wall. So I set the piece to the side and figured that I would practice piercing through the piece before I actually did it on the final piece. Instead I showed Becca how I pierce using my high-speed carving tool and turned her loose on the practice piece. With the only instructions being to carve whatever she wanted and to have fun.


Some of Becca's first carving's on the bowl.  You can also see where I turned the bowl a little to thin.  - Dailey Woodworking

Some of Becca’s first carving’s on the bowl. You can also see where I turned the bowl a little to thin.


When I tell you that she is carving with a high-speed carver I should explain that the carver is actually made to be used by a dentist. It  is an NSK Presto and is air operated and turns at 320,000 rpm. Generally I use it to pierce woodturnings and to add detail to carvings that I have done.


A look at some of the butterflies that she carved.  - Dailey Woodworking

A look at some of the butterflies that she carved.

If you could see her face when she was done you would know that she had fun and she says she wants to do more. Tomorrow! She was unplugged from the digital world and it didn’t seem to affect her at all. To my knowledge there isn’t an app for this. You just have to get your hands dirty. So what did you do on your snow day?


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