Dec 19

Beautiful new bowl

13 Inch Curly Maple Wooden Salad Bowl - Dailey Woodworking

13 Inch Curly Maple Wooden Salad Bowl

I finished this bowl a couple of days ago. This is a highly figured 13 inch Curly Maple salad bowl. I was impressed with the amount of curly figure that I could see when I was turning this bowl. Every time I would stop the lathe while I was turning and sanding the bowl I would see some more figure that I hadn’t seen the time before. However when I applied the polymerized Tung oil finish to the bowl, the figure really came to life. Just the way that the grain runs with the curl going across it is nice but in some of the dark areas it actually looks like the sand on some beaches that I’ve been to. We’ve all probably seen the sand on beaches (either in person or in pictures) where the tide is going out and the sand steps down and looks like the contour lines on 3D topographic maps. That’s what the grain lines look like in some of the darker areas of this wooden bowl.  The picture below shows some of the ripple figure that I’m trying to describe. The picture shows the ripples but the wood in the bowl is actually smooth.


Inside ripple figure on this wood bowl - Dailey Woodworking

Inside ripple figure on this wooden bowl


You can see more pictures and read more about this bowl on my Dailey Woodworking site by clicking here. Let me know what you think of this bowl and if you are interested in more of what happens here at Dailey Woodworking please click here to sign up for our newsletter.

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Nov 30

Ornament time

Splated Maple and Apple Ornament - Dailey Woodworking

Spalted Maple globe with Apple icicle finial

I don’t know what it’s like in your house but in our house we love to watch all the Hallmark Christmas movies. This year the Hallmark channel had Christmas movies in July, tying into the whole Christmas in July thing. Then they started showing new Christmas movies on Halloween weekend. So, needless to say, I’ve seen a few Christmas movies this year. Usually each year I come up with a new Christmas ornament design but, thanks to all the movies, I’ve actually come up with three this year. You can see them pictured above and below.

Dyed red Maple Burl globe with maple ornament - Dailey Woodworking

Dyed red Maple Burl globe with maple icicle finial

Each of these ornaments is actually three pieces turned and then glued together. Why do you turn three separate pieces instead of just turning one piece? Well I’m glad you asked.  I do it for two different reasons. The first reason is that I want to hollow out the center globe to remove as much weight from the ornament as I can. The second reason is the center globe is the focal point of the ornament and I want to use some special looking wood for the globe, like the burl used in the red and blue ornaments. And if I was to use burl wood for the long bottom icicle finial I would probably break it while turning. It’s not that it can’t be done but the bottom icicle finial turns better with a straight-grained wood. Ok, ok I guess that’s actually three reasons why I turn my Christmas ornaments as three separate pieces. Of course you can find my ornaments on my Dailey Woodworking site and in my Etsy store.

Dyed blue Maple Burl globe with maple icicle finial - Dailey Woodworking

Dyed blue Maple Burl globe with maple icicle finial

Please let me know which Christmas ornament is your favorite?


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Oct 22

Illusion bowl

13 inch Curly Maple salad bowl

13 inch Curly Maple salad bowl

My latest bowl is another one made with some real beautiful wood. This wooden bowl is 13 inches in diameter x 4 1/4 inches high. This bowl was turned from Curly Maple and has some really nice figure in it. I should start calling all of my salad bowls illusion bowls. Because I turn a wide rim on my bowls they give the illusion that they are heavy when they are really very light.

On this bowl I turned a round undercut rim.  The rim is about 3/4 inch wide and with the undercut there is a nice spot for gripping the bowl. The wall thickness is about 1/4 inch thick. I say about because I don’t measure, I just go by how thick it feels to my hands. I increase the thickness again near the bottom to add stability so that the bowl won’t be top heavy. By taking wood away from the thickness of the sidewall I can lighten my bowls considerably without affecting the structure of my bowls and with the wide rim still give the illusion of a heavy bowl.

On this wood bowl I textured a band about 1 inch below the rim on the outside. The inside of the bowl has a nice curve all the way through.

This particular bowl is headed to it’s new home. Thank you LW in NH!

Keep an eye on my bowl page at Dailey Woodworking and my bowl page in my Etsy store because I have a lot of bowls, big and small, that I will be finishing up soon. I heard a rumor that Christmas is just around the corner.


Side view of 13 inch Curly Maple salad bowl - Dailey Woodworking

Side view of 13 inch Curly Maple salad bowl

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Oct 20

Nested set of natural edge Curly Maple bowls

Nested set of 4 natural edge Curly Maple bowls - Dailey Woodworking

Nested set of natural edge Curly Maple bowls


I’m lucky because as a woodturner I get to work with some really great looking wood. One of my favorite woods to turn is Curly Maple which is often times referred to as Tiger Stripe Maple or Fiddleback Maple. The set that you see in the pictures is Curly Maple but it also has some Birdseye Maple and Blister Maple in the figure too. The wood is just awesome to look at. Unfortunately my picture-taking ability isn’t good enough to show you what I can see in the wood. That’s probably why I’m a woodturner and not a photographer.

Each of the smaller bowls that you see pictured was taken out of the next larger bowl. That’s a process woodturners call coring. In this set of wooden bowls the largest bowl is 17 inch in diameter, then 13 inches, 10 inches and down to the little bowl which is about 7 or 8 inches in diameter. Please let me know what you think of them.

Another view - Nested set of 4 natural edge Curly Maple bowls - Dailey Woodworking

Another view

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Oct 12

Small Birch Burl Bowl

Small Birch Burl Bowl - Dailey Woodworking

Small Birch Burl Bowl

So I have another bowl to show you. This is a small Birch Burl wood bowl that I turned a little while ago. It’s about 6 inches in diameter. The bowl has a lot of burl figure in it. The bowl features a nice rounded rim. You can find out more about this small bowl by following this link to my Dailey Woodworking site or this link to my Etsy store.  Please let me know what you think of the bowl.


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Oct 09

New Curly Maple Salad Bowl


10 inch Curly Maple salad bowl - Dailey Woodworking

10 inch Curly Maple salad bowl


Here is a new Curly Maple Salad bowl that I just added to my website. This wood bowl is 10 inches in diameter by 3 inches high. This Curly Maple bowl even has some Birdseye figure in it. The bowl features a rounded undercut rim and has a nice curved shape to it. You can find out more about it by following this link to my Dailey Woodworking site or this link to my Etsy store.  Please let me know what you think of the bowl.

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Sep 28

New Product – Ferris Mini-Grinders

Set of three color Ferris mini-grinder - Dailey Woodworking

Set of three color Ferris mini-grinders


I would like to introduce you to our latest product. The Ferris mini-grinder! For years I’ve been asked to make a smaller grinder than our larger mills and spice grinders. Well I think I’ve finally come up with something that people are going to love.

Our Ferris mini-grinders come with an adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism and can be used as either a salt mill or pepper mill. The Ferris mini-grinder stands approximately 3 1/2 inches tall to the top of the adjustment knob. They can be ordered with either a chrome top and handle or a black top and handle. The Ferris mini-grinders can be made in our usual assortment of natural and laminated woods. Please visit the Ferris mini-grinder page of our website to get more information on our latest product.

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Mar 19

Helping Jorge

Jorge's shop after the roof colapsedOne of our woodturning friends, Jorge Castaneda, needs our help.

Jorge’s shop roof collapsed due to all the snow that we have received along the Maine coastline this winter. Luckily his equipment survived but he is still left without a viable building to produce his work. Jorge is primarily a bowlturner and sells his pieces at different shows and markets throughout Maine. Doug Thompson from Thompson Lathe Tools has made an unbelievable offer to help Jorge.

This is best said in Doug’s own words:

It’s time to pull together to help one of our own.
I give and give and give but rarely ask for help but I’m asking now. A good friend of mine Jorge Castaneda recently lost his shop when snow collapsed the roof. He turns for a living and can’t afford to rebuild the shop that he needs so badly. I saw a post on FB that hurt me bad and I’m going to do something about… here’s what’s going to happen.
From this Friday night at midnight March 20th to Sunday night at midnight March 22 the benefit will happen.
Purchase tools off my web Thompson Lathe Tools THEN Post your name and the total amount including shipping purchased on a separate thread to be created Friday night for Jorge here… 100% of the money will be donated to Jorge.
I absorb the manufacturing costs, shipping because your shipping cost will go to Jorge, the taxes on that money… everything. I always tell people not to buy a lot of tools but this weekend you need a extra tool or two or three. If you purchase a handle it will have your name plus a extra “JC Benefit” so you can remember that you helped.
I don’t do this for a living and I’m big on helping others, the homeless, food banks, kids with cancer and their families. Pay it ahead are the best words we can live by… Give because it makes you feel good to help out another person. It’s time to help… if we do $1,000 I’m going to feel like a fool for wasting my time, $5,000 I’ll have a smile but the goal is $10,000 REMEMBER 100% of the purchase will go directly to Jorge. I’m not playing the game to give a percentage off so I can make money and he gets a little bit… It’s 100%… all the money… remember that when you buy. Doug

Here’s Jorge’s story if you don’t know him;

I am Jorge Castañeda, a builder and woodworker in general, located in rural Maine. I love trees and wood and have been a pro wood worker for the last half-century: ships, boats, houses, furniture and of late a bowl turner…
I started JC Turnings in 2006, and from day one people liked my bowls and started buying them.
Then in 2008 a stroke pretty much ended my commercial building days. I started putting all my time into turning, which was immediately rewarding, and all of a sudden, the bowl business took off and now has a life of its own. I sell my bowls and platters at Farmer’s Markets and festivals around Maine and sales are steadily growing, to the point that last year I had trouble keeping pace with the demand.
A shed to store building materials was also my makeshift workshop. Alas, that shed came to a sudden end with the last snowstorm, when the weight of the snow crushed it beyond repair. Somehow it must be replaced, as my income from the bowls I sell supplements my small pension, and I need a proper space to keep turning.
A smaller shop would be ideal, so it is easier to build and easier to heat in the winter. With a winterized shop, I could produce bowls all year-round, and have a small space to use as a storefront.
That’s why I decided to ask you to help me rebuild my shop, and be part of helping my small business grow. I like to do things to help others and my community, and hope to be able to give back to other people’s projects in the future, as I have done in the past. I would be extremely grateful for any aid. Thank you so much. Jorge
There’s the deal. You can get some great tools and help a fellow woodturner at the same time. I will vouch for Doug’s tools because I use them everyday in my woodturning shop.
It’s come to my attention that people are looking for a place to put their name and amount spent, as Doug has requested. Please feel free to put your name and total amount spent at Thompson Tools this weekend as a comment on this post.

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Feb 17

Going Stir Crazy?

Ambrosia Maple platters

Twin 16 Inch Ambrosia Maple platters

Twin 16 Inch Ambrosia Maple platters with marble centers - Dailey Woodworking

Twin 16 Inch Ambrosia Maple platters with marble centers

It just seems like it’s been one of those winters. People in the cities are screaming about how much snow they have gotten and for them it probably is a lot. However for us in the western mountains of Maine the snowfall amount has been about average, so far. At this time of the year I’m usually kicking myself for not pushing the snow banks back further during the first few storms of the winter and this year isn’t any different. What is different about this winter compared to most years is the extreme cold and high winds. By now our temps should be in the mid 20’s and not having a hard time to get above zero and the wind isn’t helping any. The high winds are causing drifting problems and last night with the windchill factor it was supposed to feel like -39F outside. Ouch!

I guess for me the one thing that is affecting everything is that I keep getting bad colds that seem to last forever. Well I caught another bad cold around the 7th or 8th and it is still kicking my butt. I won’t let myself work when every time that I cough I feel like I’m about to pass out. My head feels like it’s got its own AM radio station just playing static all the time. Well I tend to get stir crazy when I can’t work on things. So to pass the time I’ve been looking back at some pictures of my old work and trying to decide what to make again when I do start to feel better.

I ran across these pictures of two sets of Ambrosia Maple platters from 2011. I’ve still got plenty of this Ambrosia Maple stock left so I thought I would make up a platter or two when I get feeling better. These are made from one board and are not a glue-up. Which way do you like them best, with or without the marble center?

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Oct 29

Zeke’s Burl

Zeke's burl bowl side 1 - Dailey Woodworking

Zeke’s Bowl View 1

Recently we had an open house/shop tour and one of our neighbors came over to it. Of course living here in the western foothills of Maine, neighbor is a relative term. They live on the ridge opposite of us, so probably 3/4 of a mile away by road. Anyways Zeke and Joyce came over to see what we do.  Zeke is a logger by trade and chainsaw woodcarver when he has time. Zeke brought a couple of burls that he’s had squirreled away somewhere. They both had some cracking on them but appeared to be dry. So being the adventurous woodturner that I am I took the largest of the two burls and mounted it between centers on my lathe, to start working it and to see if the piece was something that I could actually work safely. Fortunately the cracking stopped about an inch in and the resulting piece is a beautiful bowl. I believe this burl is a Birch burl but am not 100 percent sure on that.  The bowl is 7 1/4 inches in diameter by 2 5/8 inches tall with a 1/4 inch wall thickness throughout the bowl.

Makes me wonder what the second burl will look like when I get some time to turn it.


Zeke's bowl View 2 - Dailey Woodworking

View 2


Zeke's burl bowl View 3 - Dailey Woodworking

View 3


Zeke's burl bowl bottom view - Dailey Woodworking

View of the bottom

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